Thai Fisherman Pants

Thai Fisherman pants are relaxed, loose fitting trousers, suitable for both men and women.   One size fits most since they are made very wide in the waist and legs, and their unique wrap design means all sorts of body types can comfortably wear Thai Fisherman pants.

They are perfect for active & casual wear such as; training, martial arts, dance, yoga, meditation, backpacking, beach pants, maternity wear or for simply relaxing and lounging around.

Thai Fisherman Pants


In Thailand Fisherman pants are called kangkeng le and they have been traditionally used by Thai and Burmese Fisherman for hundreds of years for their versatility, light weight and loose fit. Their design was developed for the hot tropical climate of Thailand and South East Asia and to be practical for the active life of fisherman.   They can be re tied in many different ways, they roll up easily to be worn as shorts and they dry quickly too. 

Undaba Thai fisherman pants and fabrics are made in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  We directly trade with several small family run business´ who trade fabrics and work with local villages, helping to sustain the communities well being and traditional crafts. 

How to tie and wear Thai Fisherman pants